Installation at Time To Pretend. Photo by Johan Van Droogenbroeck.

Portable Electronic Typewriter, called Improvement in the Mode of Communicating Information by Signals by the Application of Electro-Magnetism, also called Oracle
performative installation


Since there are very few — good — images of the performance I added a script to the presentation alongside with scans of each document which was used.


The performance is initiated at the request of a random exhibition-goer.

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Chapter I

The participant thinks of a number between 1 and 37.

Continue to Chapter II.

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Chapter II

Both parties enter into a mutual nondisclosure agreement.
The participant receives 1 copy.

Continue to Chapter III.

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Chapter III

The participant selects one out of a set of 7 questions.

Continue to Chapter IV.

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Chapter IV

The question is fed to the typewriter. The typewriter generates an answer.

The participant receives 1 copy.

Continue to Chapter V.

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Chapter V

A riddle is presented to the participant.

The participant receives 1 copy.

By solving the riddle the participant acquires an edition containing each document.

Continue to Chapter VI.

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Chapter VI

The answer is written down on a blank piece of paper.