Time to Pretend

group exhibition

Exhibition poster design.


Diestsestraat 253, 3000 Leuven, Belgium

Friday 14 June 2013, 19:00

Friday 21 & Saturday 22 June 2013, 12:00 – 14:00

In June I’m participating in a group show in Leuven. The exhibition is initiated by Sarah De Vos, Natali Sarkisyan, Bert Verlinden and Denitsa Todorova. I’ll be showing A Provisional Patent Application Status Indication Device called Rebus — a new set of prints — and a performative installation called Portable Electronic Typewriter, called Improvement in the Mode of Communicating Information by Signals by the Application of Electro-Magnetism, also called Oracle.

The set of prints is made in context of a project I’m developing where I plan to file for a patent application for a device/artwork. The prints aim to indirectly describe the device/artwork and are made in collaboration with a patent agent.

The performative installation is held for one spectator at a time and consists out of a sequence of brief actions performed by both me and the participant. Oracle looks into my ‘modus operandi’ and it’s traps & parameters.

See you at the opening.