Our Memory?

group exhibition

Cover booklet.


28 October 2013 – 3 November 2013

Jiao Tong University
Shanghai, China

In October I will be part of a group show in Shanghai curated by Carl Jacobs. The show is based on the concept of ‘collective memory’. The work I’ll be contributing is 63 Grams, a work from 2009 in which I measured a space by collecting and weighing its dust. The same methodology will be applied to the exhibition space in Shanghai. I consider this to be one of my first works because of its influence on the rest of my ‘oeuvre’ to this day and I’m very pleased it will travel abroad for the first time.

Other contributions are by Sven Augustijnen, Peter Krüger, Lara Mennes, Els Opsomer, Jasper Rigole & Egon Van Herreweghe, Koen Theys and Rinus van de Velde