Celeste Prize 2012

prize / group exhibition

I recently took part in the Celeste Prize 2012 organized by Celeste Network and was awarded 2nd prize in the photography category with As Orange as an Orange.

Since the various parameters, such as the time and place, of the work altered I had to repurchase the image of the ‘black box’ from Getty Images. Due to a contractual agreement I can — for the time being — only publish the document that was shown together with the image. After the exhibition the organizers were asked to ‘destroy’ the work.

Also, Brussels-based artist Mira Sanders received 2nd prize in the painting category with her series Itineraria #1 and Liesbeth Marit got the 2nd prize in the video category with her short film One Way of Going.

The adjoining exhibition took place in Centrale Montemartini in Rome. You can find documentation of the entire event on the website of Celeste Network.